Dr. Fixit Roofseal Top Coat

U N I Q U E   H E A T   R E F L E C T I N G   R O O F   W AT E R P R O O F I N G  C O AT I N G

Dr. Fixit Roofseal Top Coat is single component, insulating elastomeric waterproof coating for roofs that offer
a seal against water and heat. Dr. Fixit Roofseal Top Coat is based on PU – Acrylic hybrid emulsion technology
reinforced with nano fibres. It combines the benefits of waterproofing as well as heat reduction in a single

Areas of Application

Over existing building Flat/ Slope roof surface like;
} Brick-Bat Coba finish surface
} Cement mortar screed
} China mosaic tile roofs.

} Waterproofing – Completely protect surfaces from water penetration
} Crack Bridging – Outstanding flexibility with crack bridging up to 2mm
} Tough coating – Suitable for light foot traffic
} Reflective roof coating – Reduces surface temperature up to 10º
C** in the peak summer
} User friendly – Single component, Ready to use easy to apply
} Eco friendly – Non – toxic and VOC complaint water based coating

1, 4, 10, 16, 20 litre

Method of Application


} All new cement-sand, freshly laid screed / IPS surfaces should be allowed to age at least 12 weeks
before application of topcoat surface coating.
} Ensure that the roof slope have a minimum of 1 in 80 or 100 is already provided.
} Surfaces should be clean and sound and free from dust, dirt, oil, grease, and loose particles
} The substrate must be prepared by suitable mechanical preparation techniques such as girding, high pressure
water jetting, cleaning etc. and properly pre-wetted to a saturated surface dry (SSD) condition. High-suction
substrates require more dampening then dense substrates. However, make sure there is no free-standing water.
} Stagnant water due to undulation in the roof surface should be marked and repaired with PMM.
} Ensure that all penetration points, mechanical equipment, HVAC & solar panels are suitably placed on the up
stands and rounded with angle fillet and PU sealant.

} Ensure all roof drains, gutters, rainwater drain pipes; are clean and in working order.
} Cracks at the junctions of roof & vertical parapet wall should be checked and repaired with PMM mixed with
Dr. Fixit Pidicrete URP 10 % by weight of cement in the ratio of 1:3.
} Spalled and deeply disintegrated cement mortar screed should be removed to sound screed repaired with PMM
mixed with Dr. Fixit Pidicrete URP 10 % by weight of cement in the ratio of 1:3.
} Roofing tiles (ceramic, marble, clay, granite) should be firmly bedded, primed and grouted with
Dr. Fixit Primeseal Plus before application of top coat. Mix the ‘non- shrink cementitious grout’ Dr. Fixit Fevimate
TG or white cement with 10-15% (w/w) of Dr. Fixit Primeseal Plus. Add 5 -10 % clean water to archive a desired
consistency/viscosity to fill up the tile joint & crack lines up to 5mm.

} Fill the tile joints with spatula or putty blade. After application flush the surface of tile using a hard rubber float,
working diagonally across the grout joints to fill and compact the joints. Rebuff the tile surface and grout within
1-2 hours to remove all weep water and grout residue from the surface.
} Cracks up to 5mm over the china mosaic roof tiles surface must be cut and filled with Dr. Fixit Crack X Paste or
with flexible sealant Dr. Fixit PU Sealant


} Hairline cracks (width up to 0.5 mm) without any active movement need not to be open. Clean the hairline
cracks – remove dust, residue, or any contamination.
} Crack’s width more than 0.5 mm having any shrinkage crack in screed or construction joint up to 5mm width
should be undercut groove up to 5-6 mm with mechanical cutting machine and filled with PMM mortar.
} Screed cracks more than 5mm width should be widen up to 10mm and fill with Dr. Fixit PU sealant.


} Through and through cracks which are more than 1mm and are visible on the RCC ceiling as well on the screed
top also having drip leakages should be treated with PU sealant. Cut open the crack in square or U-groove
manner up to minimum 6 mm size using mechanical cutter. Clean the groove with air blower to remove dust,
dirt etc. Fill the cracks with Dr. Fixit PU Sealant after necessary cleaning.
} Through and through cracks which are less than 1mm and are visible on the RCC ceiling as well on the screed
top also having leakages should be treated with cementitious injection grouting, admixed with expansive
admixture Dr. Fixit Pidicrete AM (225gms / bag of cement).


} Junction of roof with parapet wall (corner rounding), rainwater outlets, marble strip joints, repaired and
enlarging cracks surfaces should be coated with an extra coat of Roofseal Top Coat by providing a 45 gsm glass
fibre mesh cut to size covering area when the first coat is still wet, for additional protection.
} Apply a coat of Dr. Fixit Roofseal Top Coat (diluted with water in the ratio 2:1) as Self Priming – 9 – 10 Sq.mtr / litre.
} Allow coating to dry for 3-4 hours prior to applying first coat & second coat.
} Apply two coats of Dr. Fixit Roofseal Top Coat @ 2.0 – 2.2 Sq.mtr / litre / coat, without water dilution, the rate
of application being the same for both the coats. This would ensure correct consumption of material that will
deliver a total DFT of 450– 500 micron.
} Allow the system to air cure for 7 days minimum.
} For vertical surfaces: Apply two coats of Dr. Fixit Roofseal Top Coat with forced coverage of 3.3-3.7 Sq.mt/ litre/

Post Application

Conduct pond test after 7 days, for 24 hrs, stagnated with water for 50mm height.

Precautions & Limitations

} Do not apply if rain is expected within 48 hours after application.
} Do not apply Dr. Fixit Roofseal Top Coat over expansion or moving joints directly.
} Do not apply if the surface temperature is greater than 35°C or below 10°C, or likely to fall below 10°C during
the application or drying period.
} Pidilite Industries does not give any warranty against dirt pick up on Roofseal top Coat.
} Not recommend for roof area more than 300 Sq.mtr.
} Apply Dr. Fixit Primeseal Plus on smooth – Nonporous surfaces like Marble, Granite, glazed ceramic tiles & clay
tiles, not recommend for application on Kota, & Kadappa stone, Mud phuska roof with brick tiles,
Bituminous treatment.

Theoretical Coverage
Material : Self Primer coat + 2 Undiluted Coats
Total Coverage : 1.0 – 1.1 Sq.mtr / litre to achieve DFT 450 – 500 microns
for vertical masonry walls: 1.65 – 1.85 Sq.mt / litre/ 2 Coats
648 Dr. Fixit Roofseal Top Coat
*Coverage may vary depending upon the texture and porosity of the surface.
**Comparative thermal performance of Roofseal Top Coat on roofing. Temperature recorded from 1 pm to 3 pm of roof
surface recorded with the aid of laser guided infrared non-contact thermometer. The degree of surface temperature
reduction will vary depending on the condition of the existing surface, site location, roof pitch and weather factor.


} Protect the material from freezing.
} Keep containers closed away from heat and flame when not in use; store in a cool & dry place
Shelf Life
} 24 months from the month of manufacture in unopened & proper storage conditions
Health & Safety
} Skin Contact: Wash skin with soap & water. Remove contaminated clothes
} On eye contact: Immediately splash eyes with plenty of water. Consult Physician if irritation persists
} Ingestion: It is based on Water Based Coating system, however, seek medical help

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